Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Review: Life is a Gift

Life is definitely a gift. This book made me cry and it made me laugh. It is about a mother that tells her life experience about having multiple miscarriages, having three little precious girls and about what she faces when all three little girls end up having the same genetic disorder. Jenny Miller is amazing for being able to share and write about it all. The happy and sad. She even writes about being upset with God. I can't even imagine how she felt and the pain she endured.

Book Description
Publication Date: September 1, 2011
Jenny counted her newborn's fingers and toes, amazed anew at God's tremendous gift of life-but the gift did not turn out as she hoped. Her precious baby girl, the fulfillment of her childhood dreams, had serious medical problems. As her dreams crumbled around her, Jenny wrestled with the God of her youth-a God she knew only as secure, faithful, and loving. Now her prayers rang hollow, and God seemed unpredictable, confusing, and distant. Didn't He see tears? In this tender and deeply personal story of dashed hopes and broken dreams, Jenny shares in vivid detail her struggle to accept the journey God chose for her journey of faith through which she reluctantly embraced the lessons God had set before her. Through brokenness, she gained peace, comfort, even joy and a far deeper understanding that life-all life-is a gift from God.

About the Author
Jenny Miller lives in a little log cabin in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, along with her husband their daughters. She is passionate about connecting with other women, writing from her heart, and finding beauty in the ordinary. She enjoys her role as wife and mommy, as well as cooking, decorating, and teaching Sunday school. More than anything, she longs for God to use the story of her life to shine hope into the lives of others.

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