Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review: I before E except after C for Kids

This book has lots of cool tricks to remember things. It is a great book for my kids. I home school my children and this book will help them out to remember some things easier. I got this book for free to download on my Kindle Fire but I would love to have a hard copy so my kids can go through the book themselves. There are a few tricks that I knew as a child and it was fun to see the old ones I knew and new ones that I have never seen.

Book Description
Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 4 and up | Series: I Wish I Knew That
Just like adults, kids need easy ways to recall stuff-especially now, when they don't even have to remember a phone number because their cell phones remember it for them. And just like the bestselling i before e (except after c) for adults, this book is jammed with easy-to-use tricks for remembering lots of stuff-especially stuff they need to know for school. Through entertaining (and often silly) examples, kids will learn to remember everything they need to know about:
The Earth-including fun facts about geography, geology, and the weather- and the sky -revolving around planets, stars, atmosphere, and so on
Reading and writing-covering everything from the smallest punctuation mark to the prickliest words to spell to the trickiest grammar to the grandest figure of speech
The mysteries of history-from Way Before You Were Born (ancient history) to the most recent American history facts every kid needs to memorize
Math and music-a surprising, but logical combination that examines cool ways to remember numbers, times tables, calculations, and musical notations

Kids will like learning fun ways to remember stuff and will love getting the good grades that follow.

About the Author
Susan Randol is the author and editor of many books, including Redbook Mom's Survival Guide. She lives outside of New York City with her family.

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